by Sophia Campbell | 1:38 pm

Local Pest Control Firm Sponsors Local Soccer Club

Soccer has always been popular amongst fans and the public alike, since its inauguration into the world of sports. Soccer is a fun team sport that has garnered immense popularity over the decades, so much so that it has the power of bringing people together as they cheer for their favorite team, share their excitement upon victory and sorrow upon losses. It is easy to engage in and is played globally by most countries of the world. Even people who aren’t interested in football or don’t follow it regularly have some ideas of the teams, players, etc.

As ball matches are regularly watched by millions of people worldwide, especially World cup matches, it has become a platform for companies to advertise and increase their brand awareness. Companies in all fields are turning to popular sports like soccer to market their brands. This is because a sports sponsorship may give rise to transformative power that promotes the exponential growth in brand awareness and acceptance. One example would be the sponsorship of the local soccer club by INC Pest Control.

The increasingly worrying levels of bed bugs in Cincinnati ensued a rise in the number of local pest control firms. A local soccer club, even though very new, has garnered rapid popularity as the soccer team comprises of young, talented players from every part of Cincinnati chosen solely based on their football aptitude and skills. Having won a considerable number of matches between states after the formation of the team, only added to the fanbase of the club and resulted in its ascending recognition.

Even though bed bugs in Cincinnati have proven to be a prominent problem as it has been increasing at an alarming rate, there was little that was being done to ensure the eradication of bed bugs. Therefore, companies like INC Pest Control were researching ways to efficiently market their products to shed more light into the importance of bed bug treatment in Cincinnati and the steps to undertake to make homes free of such pests.

INC Pest Control ( made a strategic advancement in their marketing by sponsoring a local soccer club. The company had not marketed their product via any sport platform before and had no company statistics of their own to predict the consequence of this action. There were high risks associated with this sponsorship decision as a high initial investment was made.

Sponsorships can be thought of as a mutually beneficial relationship between two parties concerned, in this case the sports club and INC Pest Control firm. Soccer teams rely on sponsorships to pay their players, buy jerseys, rent buses to travel to and fro cities, etc. In return, INC Pest Control expected good publicity and to produce valuable goodwill by sponsoring a prospering local team.

Through visual awareness of the brand and an added feel-good factor arising from the association of the firm with a successful soccer firm, INC Pest Control achieved what they targeted for. Sponsoring the club helped the company generate profound publicity and facilitated the company’s sales. Roaring Tigers also benefited from the money flowing in from the company which helped in the development of the club.…

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