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Book Binding Services for Your Custom Printing Company

When you need a book bound, you’re not limited to the traditional techniques. Modern conservation standards also consider reversibility and longevity of function. In some cases, reversibility takes precedence over the durability of the book. The spine lining is an example of an area that is virtually invisible to the naked eye. If you’re interested in making a more lasting impression on your customers, consider hiring a book binding service.

Book Binding Services

Wire comb binding, for example, uses single sheets printed on both sides of the paper. These pages are trimmed to size, arranged according to page numbers, and then stacked together. In wire comb binding, the spine of the book is held together with two small wire loops and square holes that tighten the pages. These loops are placed on the left and top of the pages, and the paper is then stitched or stapled shut.

The book covers are made from cardstock materials. These pages are glued to each other, and the finished product is trimmed to create the ‘perfect’ look. EVA adhesive was traditionally used for book binding, but in recent years, polyurethane reactive adhesive has been substituted for it. Its strength and durability make it the ideal choice for bookbinding. These services provide high-quality, affordable books. There are many options for bookbinding in New York.

For example, a local copy store might offer a bookbinding service. A local business owner can use an office supply store’s copy and print department for any printing needs. The convenience of ordering online or picking up your books in-store makes it a perfect choice. You can even contact a professional bookbinding service over the phone or through live chat. And you’ll never know when your book will need to be reprinted.

Wire comb binding uses single sheets of paper, printed on both sides. The pages are then trimmed and collated according to page number. In order to create a ‘perfect’ look, the finished product is finished with a rounded spine. Traditionally, EVA adhesive was used for book binding, but in recent years, polyurethane reactive adhesive has replaced it. It is known for its durability and strength.

Paper-based binding uses single sheets of paper. These are printed on both sides and collated according to page number. A wire-comb binding service uses a comb-like c-shaped spine and square holes. Usually, the comb is located at the top of the pages. It’s the most popular type of binding method, but a manual can also be binded using the same method. Regardless of the material used, it can be bound using either EVA adhesive or polyurethane reactive adhesive.

Professional bookbinding services are indispensable in the printing industry. They can turn a stack of documents into a presentationable product. It is important to understand the various methods of book binding and how each one works. The most common process is saddle stitching. A stapler applies a number of staples to each page of the paper. The binding service adheres the staples to the spine using a metal frame. In addition to the stapler, a decorative cover is added.